Hiding Unavailable Courses in the Qwickly Multi-course Module

As you're using the Qwickly multi-course tools to post announcements, send emails, post content and more, you may see many courses that are unavailable to students from past semesters.  These courses get in the way of your course list and make things cumbersome for quickly interacting with the courses you want.  Luckily, there is a way to hide courses that are set to unavailable in Blackboard.


1. Locate the Qwickly multi-course module; click the gear icon at the top of the module to access user settings.



2. You will see a column next to your tools with the heading Show Unavailable Courses. When this column has a checked box in it, unavailable courses will show in your tools.  Uncheck the box next to all the tools in which you want to hide unavailable courses.



3. Click the Submit button to save your user settings.  Refresh your browser so that the newest Qwickly settings can load.  Unavailable courses should now be hidden from those tools you've chosen to hide them in.


Please note: Qwickly is a tool that is used in hundreds of schools around the world and has many possible configurations. The screenshots and capabilities above may not match up exactly to the experience you see.

Created for version 4.0.1


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