Blackboard Building Block: [System Admin] How to allow TAs (teaching assistants) and other roles to take attendance

Blackboard System Admins can allow roles other than Instructors to take attendance in courses.  This is especially useful for teaching assistants.  Please note, by allowing additional course roles to take attendance, these users will no longer see their own record screen or be able to check in as if they were enrolled in the class.


1. Go to the System Admin Tab in Blackboard

2. Locate and click on Qwickly Settings under Tools and Utilities

3. Click the Attendance Tab



4. Click the Gear Icon next to Qwickly Attendance System Settings



5. Click the On/Off toggle next to the roles you want to be able to take attendance (most likely Teaching Assistant).



6. Click the "Save Settings and Statuses" button at the bottom of the screen. 


Please note: Due to the subtle changes from version to version, the screenshots above may vary slightly from what you experience in your system.

Created for version 4.1


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