Request Qwickly + Qwickly Plus

- You can request and set-up your trial right from the Qwickly Settings under System Admin.  
- Click on the Support tab, then on the right, choose the Qwickly + form.
- In the dropdown choose a Trial
- Confirm information on the form and select your full-time faculty and choose trial (the cost is $0.00) for one month
- Follow these instructions
You are one step away from activating your Qwickly+ Trial.

  1. Please go into Blackboard, Click your home tab.
  2. Click your System Admin tab, go into Qwickly Settings.
  3. Click 'Submit Settings' at the bottom of the page. When the page refreshes, you should see an area for + Features. This confirms your trial is working.
- To turn on all the cloud services (e.g Google Docs, etc.) we'll need to know the domain your Blackboard system runs on (e.g.  You should be able to get the trail going with "post content from your computer" and we'll turn on the cloud system connectors, simply use the form on the Support tab to request the cloud services. This usually takes about 2 days.
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