Needs Grading Shows Incorrect Count (version 2.4)

Description:  Qwickly version 2.4 aimed to more accurately reflect the number of items that needed grading for an instructor.  This has proven to be a particularly challenging number to provide because of the complexity and flexibility in the Blackboard Gradebook.  With version 2.4, we released a fix that was supposed to omit items that had an overridden grade (but no real grade) in the count of ungraded items.  However, version 2.4 has created some false-negative ungraded items, and can show instructors a LOWER number of items that need grading.

Issue Reported: 1/30/14

Issue Confirmed: 1/30/14

Qwickly Version: Version 2.4

Fix: Upgrade to version 2.4.1 or greater.

Issue Resolved: 2/6/14

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