Where can I find my Qwickly ID?

If your institution already has Qwickly installed and working, you can retrieve your Qwickly ID by visiting the Qwickly Settings in the System Admin tab.  On the settings screen, click the Support/Registration Tab, and your Qwickly ID will show.

If your institution already has a Qwickly ID, but no instance of Qwickly installed
, Click the Recover lost Qwickly ID link on the activation screen and follow the on-screen steps to recover your Qwickly ID.  If you are unable to retrieve your Qwickly ID using this method, please create a Help Ticket.

If your institution has never had a Qwickly ID, you can generate a Qwickly ID right from the Activation Screen.

  1. Click "I don't have a Qwickly ID" on the activation screen.


  2. Two buttons will appear above the activation form. Click the button above that says "My Instituion does not have a Qwickly ID"

  3. Fill out the brief form to generate a Qwickly ID, then click Generate Qwickly ID 

    screenshot.223.jpg screenshot.224.jpg

  4. Your new Qwickly ID will show up, copy it and past it in the Qwickly ID field below.  Choose if you are running a Test System or Production System. 

  5. You should now see the Qwickly Settings Panels.

Why does Qwickly need a Qwickly ID?
In order to manage licensing effectively, Qwickly used to be tied to a single domain instance. We realized this was a pain for institutions running Blackboard from multiple domains. We wanted a way to be able to license Qwickly to our users more easily and simplify upgrading to newer versions of Qwickly. Finally, by using a Qwickly ID, we can seemlessly trigger Qwickly+ to institutions across all of their installations of Blackboard.



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