Troubleshooting Qwickly

If you are experiencing any issues regarding Qwickly (items not working, overlay issues, cloud issues) please work through the following checklist:


  1. Version:  Make sure that you have the most current version of Qwickly available from  If you need a previous version, the latest stable builds are also listed.
  2. Qwickly ID:  Don't have your Password or Qwickly ID? You don't need your password, just your Qwickly ID. If your institution already has Qwickly installed and working, you can retrieve your Qwickly ID by visiting the Qwickly Settings in the System Admin tab of Blackboard.  On the settings screen, click the Support/Registration Tab, and your Qwickly ID will show. 
  3. Qwickly Plus: If you recently requested cloud connectors (Google Drive, DropBox, Box, OneDrive) make sure that you RESUBMIT the settings in Qwickly, simple click Submit on the main Qwickly Settings page.
  4. Module Issues: If you are having trouble with the module, be certain the "Allow Asynchronous Loading" check box on the module settings is UNCHECKED.  Go to System Admin > Tabs and Modules > Modules > Search for Qwickly and UNCHECK the "Allow Asynchronous Loading" check box.
  5. Errors:  If you are seeing javascript errors make sure that you have cleared your cache or press F5 on your browser to refresh. Try closing your browser and log back into Blackboard.
  6. IE Issues:  Do not use IE, use Chrome or Firefox, IE has some known issues with configuring and using Qwickly.
  7. Need more help? Submit a ticket through this portal or from your Qwickly Settings area.
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