Qwickly+Cloud Basics for Teachers
Qwickly is a user-centric productivity platform for Blackboard Learn™. Qwickly allows users to upload DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box documents to Learn™ through modules or course tools. Qwickly allows faculty to make courses available, send emails, post announcements, and post content to multiple courses at once. Qwickly connects students together, facilitating group interaction.

Qwickly is included in all K-12 license of Learn.

Qwickly+Cloud in Action

Qwickly+Cloud is both a module on the Learn homepage and includes for teachers:

  • course availability;
  • post announcement;
  • post content;
  • send email;
  • create assignment for teachers;
  • post URL link
You can use Qwickly to do common course tasks and also use Qwickly to upload cloud content.  You can also create cloud assignments (students can submit those in the content area using cloud services (e.g. Google Docs) or students can submit any assignment (native Learn or cloud assignment) using the module or tool on the Learn homepage.
Using the Module
Teachers can use any of the tools available in the module (if Qwickly is deployed as a tool, the link to Qwickly will appear, then the module will open).  
Course Availability toggles on and off course availability.  The list of courses is controlled by the system administrator.
Post announcement allows teachers to post announcements to one or multiple courses and organizations.
Send email allows teachers to send emails to one or multiple courses and organizations.
Post content allows teachers to post documents (or link to the cloud storage option - depending on system administrator options and settings) to one or multiple courses and organizations.
Post link allows teachers to post a URL to one or multiple courses and organizations.
Create assignment allows teachers to create cloud assignments in one or multiple courses and organizations.
Items needs grading shows an equation of necessary graded items (Note: depending on how many submissions teachers allow, this number may or may not reflect the course Needs Grading area).
Adding a cloud item from the module
Teachers simply need to click the Post Content link and a new window will open.  Once the new window opens, enter a name, description and choose the cloud provider (or from your computer).  The cloud provider will prompt you for a username and password. This is kept in the browser only, and not in Blackboard.  You can then select a file.  If you system administrator has set the settings, there are three options:
Adding a cloud item from the course
There are two ways to add cloud content at the course level. One is from Build Content > Qwickly Upload Cloud Content and the other way is via the Mash Up tool on any visual text editor.
Course Tool

 Creating Assignments and Student Submissions

Teachers can create cloud assignments in their courses using either the module or the course tool available under Assessments > Create Cloud Assignment.

What's the difference between a cloud assignment and a native Learn assignment?  

With a cloud assignment:

  • Students can submit cloud files to the submission area of the assignment through either the module, or the link in the course.

With a native assignment:  

  • Students can submit cloud files only through the module.  If the student clicks a native Learn link from within the course, they can only submit links to cloud files using the Mash Up tool.


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