Understanding Qwickly
For students, the Qwickly module on the homepage of Blackboard Learn includes the ability to:
  • email instructors;
  • submit assignments [both native and cloud assignments] using either files on their computer or files from the cloud.
  • email group members [if they are members of a group]  

Qwickly course tools for students includes:

  • submit cloud assignment (if a teacher created a cloud assignment)
  • add cloud content under the Mash Up tool in the virtual text editor

Note: Depending on how your system administrator has set up the Qwickly Platform, not all of the features may be available.

How to Use the Qwickly Module

The Qwickly module allows you to perform a number of functions.

Email Instructor

  • Simply click the link on the homepage to email one or more of your instructors.  You can email one or more of your teachers and also send them a file from your computer or a cloud storage option like Google Docs.
Send Group Email
  • The Send Group Email tool allows you to send an email to any groups you belong to in your courses. You may not be a member of any groups.
Submit Assignment
  • The submit assignment tool allows you to submit both cloud and native Learn assignments via the module.  You can submit either files from your computer or files from a cloud storage provider like Google Docs.  Once you have submitted your assignment, it will disappear from the Submit Assignments tool.
  • You can view assignments by course or due date, if one has been entered by your teacher


How to use the Qwickly course tools for students:

  • Submit cloud assignment (if a teacher created a cloud assignment):  Simply click the cloud assignment link in the course content area (e.g. Assignments).  Students can also submit cloud assignments using the module.  Remember, if you submit a native Learn assignment from within the course you will only be able to add cloud document links using the visual text editor Mash Up tool.
  • Add cloud content under the Mash Up tool in the virtual text editor:  To add a cloud content link, use the visual text editor to expand all the options to see the Mash Up area.   You can then select to link to a file and it will appear in the assignment submission area (if you are using it to link to a cloud assignment) or simply in any other visual text editor area (like the discussion board).
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