Blackboard Web Services for Qwickly

Qwickly utilizes a number of Blackboard Web Services which must be turned on for Qwickly to access. If you run across an error that includes a message with a .WS, chances are the web services for that item are not available to Qwickly. Here are a couple of examples of how these errors would look:

operation Announcement.WS.createCourseAnnouncements is invalid


[WSFW005]Attempt to use a tool-only method (CourseMembership.WS.getCourseRoles) when authenticated as a user


In order to resolve this, turn on the Web Services:

  • Go to the Blackboard System Admin tab and go to "Web Services" under the Building Blocks section.
  • Click the drop down arrow next to Announcement.WS (These are announcement web services) and choose Operations.
  • Next to createCourseAnnouncements, createOrgAnnouncements, make sure the restrictions are set to "Permit Any Authorized Access".

Use the error message you receive to target the specific web service you need to turn on.


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