Blackboard Building Block: How to Customize Your Settings in Qwickly Attendance

1. Click Attendance, to get to the Main Attendance Page. 

2. Select "Settings" which will take you to the main settings page of Attendance.

3. First you will want to choose a Default Style.

- The List setting displays all students in alphabetical order. To take attendance you can freely click "Present" "Absent" "Excused" or "Tardy" for each student. You can also comment on a student's status.

- The One By One setting shows one student at a time. You can click freely the status of each student, and click the arrows to move from student to student. 

- The Accessibility Mode displays all students in an alphabetical list optimized for keyboard navigation. 

4. Next, you'll want to choose a grading method. You can choose from Total Points, which defines a total number of points that attendance will be worth. Per Session, which defines a total number of points for each class. No Gradebook Column, does not create a grade center column in Black Board.

5. Next, you decide when using Student Check In, if you will require a PIN number or not, then if using Check In, how long the Check In will be.

6. Next if a student is Absent, you can choose if they receive a email regarding there date of absence.  

7. System Attendance Statuses are built in statuses you can use to take attendance. You can not modify system statuses.

- Turn a Status on or off to have it hidden from your attendance sheet. 

8. Custom Course Statuses, add custom status's to your attendance sheet. This means you can add status's like Extra Credit or Participation to give students extra points?????


- Order, gives you the order that you want your new custom status appears on the Attendance Sheet when you take Attendance


- Name, give your new custom status a specific name, that will appear on the Attendance Sheet.


- Points, This is used for grading. Enter the percentage of points a student should receive if they receive that status for the day. For example, if a day is worth 2 points 100% of the points would be 2 points, 50% would be 1 point. Typically Present is worth 100% and Absent is worth 0%. Enter only numbers in this field, decimals are accepted.


Absence, Enter the percentage of an absence a student should receive if they receive that status for the day. For example, 100% Absence would give the student 1 full absence. If you wanted to create a Tardy status in which 3 tardies = 1 absence, you would enter 33.3%.  Enter only numbers in this field, decimals are accepted.

-Color, Click the block to set a custom color to show up in the attendance record.

- Delete, click the "X" to delete the custom status at any time. 

9. After doing all of these steps, click Save Settings. 








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