Blackboard Building Block: Understanding the Attendance Record

You can view your Attendance Record at any time, and view it as many times as one wants. 

1. Click Attendance to get to the main Attendance page.

2. Click View Record


3. The Attendance Record screen shows all attendance records you've taken in the past

- If you need to find a student quickly, you can filter there name to have it be the only one come up.

- If you made a mistake with someones attendance or need to change a students attendance you can edit by just clicking on the colored box.

- Click the correct status when the editor comes up, also you can add or edit comments form this view.

- After you choose the correct option, you then click Save Record.

- The attendance of the student will automatically change once you clicked Save Record.

- If needed, you can delete the Record of Attendance for a day and completely redo it, by clicking the "x".

- The Points scale is out of 100. For example, Barry Allen missed one out of two classes so he has a 50 out of 100 points and 1 Absence.







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