Blackboard Building Block: How to Add Qwickly Attendance to the Course Menu

Most instructors find it easiest to access Qwickly Attendance directly from their course menu.  This is also a great place to link to Qwickly Attendance for students so they can see their attendance record or easily check in, if you choose to use the Student Check In feature.

1. Click the "+" in the course menu.


2. Select "Tool Link".


3. Name the Tool, you may want to choose "Attendance".  From the type selection, choose "Qwickly Attendance".  If you want students to be able to see their record or check in themselves, you'll want to make sure that Available to Users is checked.  Click Submit.


4. The Attendance link is now in the course menu.  You can drag it into a new position by clicking and dragging on the arrows on the left of the name of the menu item.


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