Blackboard Building Block: Getting Started with Qwickly Attendance in your course

Qwickly Attendance has been designed to be powerful, yet straightforward.  Most users can jump right in and start using it immediately without much direction, but here are some best practices for getting the most out of Qwickly Attendance.

1. Add Qwickly Attendance to the Course Menu - this creates an easy access point to take attendance without having to dig into the Blackboard tools menu for both faculty and students (The student view of attendance allows students to see their own attendance record and provides the link to check in, when a faculty member chooses to use student check in).

2. Set Up Qwickly Attendance for the first time when using it in each course.  The first time you visit the tool in a course, you'll need to complete the settings for the course.  This can be as simple as clicking submit to accept the default settings. If you need to make changes later, you can visit the settings screen at any time.  You will not be able to take attendance in a course until this set up is complete.

3. Start taking attendance. After your initial set up in the course, you will be automatically taken to the attendance taking screen when you visit Qwickly Attendance. Qwickly Attendance offers multiple ways to take attendance.  Based on your school's configuration, you can take attendance with a student list or allow students to check in on their own computer.


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