Blackboard Building Block: Customizing Statuses for System Administrators

System Administrators have a few ways to control the attendance statuses for the system.  Please note, these instructions will only be accessible to Blackboard System Administrators at an institution.  See the numbers on the screenshot with the explanation below.

A. Go into Blackboard > System Admin > Qwickly Settings

B. Click on the Attendance tab (if you do not see an attendance tab, you do not have an activate license of Qwickly Attendance).  On the Attendance tab, you will see the interface below:


Version 3.4.7 Settings Screen


1. Allow Instructors to Customize Statuses If you'd like to allow instructors in courses to have greater control of the setup of Qwickly Attendance in their course, create their own statuses and hide system statuses, make sure the switch is set to ON.

2. Adding a System Status - A System Status adds an attendance status to every course.  If you have a status you'd like to show up in every course, click the "Add Status" button.  A new line will appear in the table that you will want to fill out using columns 3-8.

  • 3. Order - This is the order in which the status will appear on the attendance taking screen.
  • 4. Name - The name of the status that will show on the attendance taking screen and in any record
  • 5. % Points - This is used for grading. Enter the percentage of points a student should receive if they receive that status for the day. For example, if a day is worth 2 points 100% of the points would be 2 points, 50% would be 1 point. Typically Present is worth 100% and Absent is worth 0%. Enter only numbers in this field, decimals are accepted.
  • 6. % Absence - Enter the percentage of an absence a student should receive if they receive that status for the day. For example, 100% Absence would give the student 1 full absence. If you wanted to create a Tardy status in which 3 tardies = 1 absence, you would enter 33.3%.  Enter only numbers in this field, decimals are accepted.
  • 7. Color - Click the block to set a custom color to show up in the attendance record.
  • 8. Show/Hide or Delete Statuses - The 3 built in statuses can not be deleted, but they can be hidden by clicking the On/Off toggle and setting to Off.  All other statuses can be deleted by clicking the X in this column.

Click Save Statuses to save the Statuses (And any settings above).  Please note: When setting up custom statuses, the % of Points and % of Absence do NOT need to equal 100%.  Though the default for Present and Absent do equal 100, these values really have no relationship.

Questions about how the Excused status works?




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