Blackboard Building Block: How to take Qwickly Attendance

1. Click Attendance to get to your main Attendance page.

2. This will bring you to the main Take Attendance Page


- The first step to Take Attendance, you will choose to use the Current Time or you can Custom your time that your Attendance will be taken. 

- Next you can give your Session a title, this step is optional. 

- You will then click which method of taking Attendance you will use. 

List: - The List setting displays all students in alphabetical order. To take attendance you can freely click "Present" "Absent" "Excused" or "Tardy" for each student. You can also comment on a student's status.

- The One By One setting shows one student at a time. You can click freely the status of each student, and click the arrows to move form student to student. 

- The Accessibility Mode displays all students in an alphabetical list optimized for keyboard navigation.

3. Next you will take the attendance of your students, using one of the three methods List, One By One, or Accessibility Mode.

4. After you have taken Attendance you will click Submit Attendance to enter your Attendance into the Records Sheet.

-After you click Submit Attendance it will bring you to the Main Attendance screen again, and say "Attendance has been taken".

5. Another way to Take Attendance is Check In. Check in allows students to check in on their own devices, and prevents you from taking it manually. 

- First you will click on Start Check In

- A screen will come up with a set of numbers, at this time the student will be able to take his or her own attendance, this set of numbers will appear on their attendance screen until the time you set is up or you end the check in. 

- After Check In is complete, it will then redirect you to the Main Attendance page.

6. Click View Record to review the Attendance you've taken.

7. The Attendance Record screen shows all attendance records you've taken in the past. 

- If you made a mistake with someones attendance or need to change a students attendance you can edit by just clicking on the colored box.

- Click the correct status when the editor comes up, also you can add or edit comments form this view. 

- After you choose the correct option, you then click Save Record.

- The attendance of the student will automatically change once you clicked Save Record. 

- If needed, you can delete the Record of Attendance for a day and completely redo it, by clicking the "x".



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