[System Admin] Options for Filtering Which Courses show in the Qwickly Module

By default, the Qwickly module will show instructors and students all courses in which they are currently enrolled.  If you are like many schools, you hold old courses in Blackboard for months or years and pre-create courses well in advance of their use. These are courses that will clutter up the user's Qwickly multi-course experience.

In order to address this issue, Qwickly has a couple of options to filter out courses that aren't relevant.  To find these options (version 2.0+), go to Blackboard > System Admin > Qwickly Settings.  The first tab will have Course Filtering Options.



1. If you choose Show All Courses, users will see ALL of the courses they are currently enrolled for each Qwickly tool.  This is the default option.

2. Choosing the Course ID Filter option allows you to insert one or more "semester codes" or strings of text that are contained in all courses for that semester/quarter.  For instance, if you want all Fall 2019 courses to show and each Fall 2019 course contains 2019FA, you would put that in as the Course ID filter. If you want multiple semesters to show, separate each filter with a semi-colon: 2019FA;2020SP;2020SU

3. If you use "Terms" in Blackboard, you'll likely want to use the Term Availability option.  With this option selected, courses that are in available terms will show in the Qwickly module.  Instead of having to make any changes in the settings between semesters, Qwickly will automatically know which courses to show.  Please note, all courses must be in a term and that term must be available for the course to show in the Qwickly module using this setting.


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