Importance of Migrating from the Qwickly Attendance Blackboard Building Block to Qwickly Attendance LTI

Technology tends to be in a continual move forward, the same goes for the Qwickly Building Block. As you may have heard, our development of the Qwickly Attendance building block will be ending as we move forward and focus our attention on the Attendance LTI tool. 

The main driving force of our move from Attendance Building Block  to  Attendance LTI is Blackboard's updates to their environments. 

We received the following messaging from Blackboard: 

If you haven’t done so, there are several reasons why it’s a good time to consider migrating your Building Block integration to LTI & REST:

  • Many clients are migrating to Ultra now
  • We’re releasing public APIs that give you capabilities not found in our Java APIs
  • We are targeting a SOAP Web Services deprecation announcement near the end of this year and once that announcement is made, you will have two major releases before SOAP Web Services are removed from Learn. Reference this article regarding SOAP End of Life on our Community Site


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