Turning off the Qwickly Attendance tool in the Blackboard Building Block when migrating to Qwickly Attendance LTI

If you're a Blackboard school using the Qwickly Building Block for Qwickly Attendance and are migrating to Qwickly Attendance LTI, you'll want to turn off the Building Block version of the Attendance tool.  However, in many cases you will want to keep the Qwickly Building Block installed.  If you are using any of these other tools, you'll need to keep the Building Block installed:

  • Qwickly's multi-course module
  • Qwickly+ (Paid version of the multi-course module)
  • Qwickly+Cloud (cloud integration services)
  • Qwickly Jot (free assignment tool for students to write on assignments)


Here are the steps to turning off the Qwickly Attendance tool in the Building Block without uninstalling the other tools:

1. Go to Blackboard System Admin tab.

2. Locate the Tools and Utilities module and choose "Tools" (the order you see may differ than the screenshot below).



3. You will see a long list of tools, sorted by vendor.  Scroll all the way down to the Qwickly section.  Tun Off Qwickly Attendance for courses and Organizations, and be sure to choose to apply changes to "New and Existing courses" from the dropdown in the Scope of Change column.



4. Scroll down and click "Submit" to apply the changes.  Please note, this system goes through each course and organization and turns off the tool so it may take several minutes to see the tool turn off in each course/organization.




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