Transfer Attendance Records from Qwickly Attendance Blackboard Building Block to Qwickly Attendance LTI

If you are planning on transferring your Attendance Records from B2 to LTI, please contact the Qwickly Team letting them know of your intention to do so. A Qwickly Team member will be on hand to help you with the data transfer process.

Please follow the given steps to transfer your Attendance Records from the Building Block (B2) to the LTI platform:

B2 Steps:

  1. Make sure that you are using at least version 5.2.2 of the Qwickly B2, you can download the latest version at
  2. Navigate to the Qwickly System Settings.
  3. Set the Course Filtering option to ‘show all courses’ on the Module section of the settings, if you wish to import data from all semesters. You may also chose to add Course ID filters if you wish to have a smaller data set.
  4. Go to the Attendance tab, and find the ‘Data Exporting’ section.
  5. There are three export files that you will need to acquire from the section: Users, Statuses, and Records.
  6. The first two files can be accessed by clicking the similarly labeled links at the bottom of the Data Exporting section, and then clicking the ‘Link to Export’ link at the top of the page.
  7. You can get the Records file by clicking the ‘Full Export’ icon and then the ‘Link to Export’ link.
  8. If you get blank files returned, simply click Save Settings and try again.
  9. Save all of these files to an easy to remember location, they will be required during your LTI set-up.

NOTE: Opening these files in excel and saving them may modify the format of the file. Please avoid doing this. Steps:

  1. Once you have received the export files, navigate to
  2. Go to Manage Instances and add your new instance that you will be importing your data into. The following screenshot illustrates a basic Instance creation. 
  3. Once added, go to Upload File for Legacy Data. You should be able to see the instance you just created as an option for your data upload. NOTE: If you don't see an option for importing legacy data, please contact Qwickly.
  4. Follow the process to upload your data, pay careful attention to which file is asked for on each step.
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE: Some files may take the server longer than expected to process. In these cases, the browser may display a server time out error. This is not an error in the upload process, and the Legacy Uploading Process has been designed to not be affected in such scenarios. You can simply restart the Legacy Process again by going back to Step 1 (Choosing the same instance) and re-uploading the same files again. This will not overwrite any data that has previously been created.

NOTE: The main Attendance files can have variable sizes. For users with file sizes over 20 MB, we suggest splitting the main file to smaller files and running the uploads separately. Older Attendance Data won't be overwritten if this process is run multiple times.



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