Qwickly LTI: Semesters in Qwickly

How are semesters used in Qwickly?

Semesters are used by Qwickly to group classes together, particularly for reporting purposes in Attendance Pro.

How can I modify my semesters in Qwickly?

To access semester settings, please go to www.qwickly.tools > Manage Instances > Your Instance's Attendance Settings > Semester Settings

  1. Add Semester: Add a semester that your courses will be able to select when configuring their courses. You can give your semester a name, a code, a start and an end date. The example semester has been configured with the name "Fall 2018", the code "FA2018", the start date 2018-10-01 to 2018-10-31.
  2. Select Current Semester: The semester that has been chosen as the "current semester" is the first option the instructors of a course will see when they are setting up their courses.
  3. Delete Selected Semester: If you click on the trash bin logo next to the selected semester, that semester will be deleted.

How are Semesters assigned to a Course?

Once you have set up your semesters in Attendance's System Settings, they should appear in courses. In Course Settings, the semester can be selected:

Attendance Pro users will also have a management console from which they can oversee and update their instance's course semesters. More information can be found here.

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