Qwickly Attendance: Registering Qwickly to your system

Qwickly Attendance LTI uses your Learning Management System's REST API integrations to load course and student information. In order for the tool to use REST APIs to retrieve data, the LMS must provide Qwickly the ability to use these APIs. The steps to register Qwickly to various Learning Management Systems are highlighted below:

Registering Qwickly with Blackboard Learn

  1. Go to System Admin > Integrations: REST API Integrations
  2. In REST API Integrations, click Create Integration
  3. In create integration, use the following values:
    1. Application ID: d6a70d8e-a807-4309-a423-ff64d894c0f8
    2. Learn User: <Your account with Custom Role for REST API Integration> (Example: matt@goqwickly.com). If you are unsure how to make a custom role for our Learn user, please view this article.
  4. Click submit to create the REST API integration.


Registering Qwickly with Canvas

  1. Go to Admin > Your Instance Account > Developer Keys > Add Developer Key
  2. Enter the following key settings:
    1. Key Name: Qwickly
    2. Redirect URIs:
    3. https://www.qwickly.tools/attendance/takerecord/
    4. https://www.qwickly.tools/attendance/systemsettings/
    5. Icon URL: http://goqwickly.com/imgs/logo_250x250p.png
  3. Save Key
  4. Remember the Developer ID and Key for your instance registration.


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