Qwickly Attendance Pro: Student Data in Reports

Qwickly Attendance Pro offers many course-based and student-based reports on Attendance data. If the institution has chosen to allow Qwickly to store their student data (more information here) then they will be able to see the student names (and an SIS ID if stored) on their report pages.

What if the institution doesn't store student data with Qwickly?

If the institution doesn't store student data with Qwickly, Qwickly provides reports that display the  students' LMS IDs (example screenshot attached below)

The users of Attendance Pro will notice that they can click on the user icon next to the student IDs to get their names (example screenshot attached below)

Under certain scenarios, a "KeyError" may appear. There may be a few scenarios that may cause this:

  1. The API Token that Qwickly uses to retrieve the student information has expired. To fix this, simply go back to the Attendance Pro index (https://www.qwickly.tools/pro/). This should be able to detect an invalid API token and request the LMS to provide a new token.
  2. There may be an issue with the response obtained by the tool from the LMS. If this is the case, a support ticket should be submitted to Qwickly in order for the issue to be troubleshot further.


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