Qwickly Attendance Classic: Mobile Compatibility FAQs

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  1. It seems my LTI Link Is Greyed Out in the Blackboard Mobile App? This issue was resolved by Blackboard in Jul 2019 - if you are experiencing this issue, you should update your mobile app.
  2. Opening LTI Link Displays a "Domain Not Recognized" error?
    1. For Apple Users: This is caused due to a security feature that is default on these browsers. If you are loading something in an iframe (which is what BB does to load the LTI tools inside their UI), and the domain (I.E. blackboard.com vs. qwickly.tools) being loaded by that iframe is different than the parent page, then that page is not allowed to store any cookies in your browser. The purpose of this is to cut down on ads putting tracking cookies in your browser without your knowledge. However, Qwickly requires cookies to keep track of a user's session. A potential workaround to this issue: Make one placement as a "Course Content Tool" and make it launch in a new window.


  1. In my Android Canvas Student App, I am noticing the back button is taking me to the Canvas Desktop Homepage instead of the mobile course menu? This error seems to only occur in very specific circumstances where the user is asked to reauthorize the tool when opening the Link. Once you reauthorize, and try to click on the back button, the Mobile App renders the Canvas Desktop homepage incorrectly. This isn't an issue with the tool, and can be avoided by clicking on the dashboard button which will take you back to the Mobile Course Dashboard Screen.


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