Qwickly Attendance Classic Course Settings Overview


  1. Semester: Select your current semester from the drop down. The semester options configured by the System Admin with Qwickly will be shown here.



  1. Default Style: Select the default Attendance taking mode to be displayed when the tool is opened.



  1. View Preferences: These settings affect how certain information is displayed in the tool.
    1. Show Absences on Take Attendance Screen: Student's absence values will be displayed next to their names
    2. Round Grades to Nearest Whole Number: Student's Attendance Points in the course will be rounded to the nearest whole number
    3. Show Unavailable and Disabled (or inactive/dropped) Students in Record: Students who have been marked unavailable, disabled or inactive in a course will be displayed in the Attendance records screen.



  1. Grade Center Integration: These settings control the method of grading in the course and allow you to push your grades out into your course's Grade Center
    1. No Grade Center Column: Selecting this doesn't create a grade center column, or removes an already existing column
    2. Total Points: Selecting this setting will make the course use the "Points" value as the total Attendance Points available for the course
    3. Per Session: Selecting this setting will make each session worth the "Points" value
    4. Column Name: This setting controls what the grade center column will be named
    5. No Grade Center Column for Absences: Selecting this doesn't create a grade center column for absences, or removes an already existing column for absences
    6. Points per Absence: Selecting this setting will create a gradebook column for absences that uses the "Points Per Absence" value for grading



  1. Check In PIN: Setting to require a randomly generated 4 digit pin be entered for Check In mode.
  2. Check In Timer: Setting to enable a timer for the check in sessions.



  1. Absence Email Yes/No: If Absence Emails are allowed in the System settings, and are not configured to be the default System Level email, Instructors are able to set up their own Absence email formats



  1. Attendance Statuses:
    1. System Statuses On/Off: Turn system statuses on or off for this course
    2. Custom Course Statuses: Create your own custom status for this course
      1. Order: The order in which the statuses appear when listed in a course
      2. Name: The name of the status
      3. Points: The percentage value of the points this status is worth
      4. Absence: The percentage value of the absence this status is worth
      5. Color: The color assigned to the status
      6. Delete: Remove a custom-made status
      7. Add status: Add a new custom-made status


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