Section Based Attendance

Qwickly Attendance Section mode utilizes Blackboard Learn's merged course system to separate Attendance for courses that feature multiple sections that are merged into a single course. This article will describe some common scenarios and how to utilize Qwickly Attendance to support them.

Most importantly, the correct mode should be selected before any attendance is taken.

The following are the most common scenarios that we see.

Scenario 1: Separate Courses

If your sections are simply listed in Learn as completely separate courses (I.E. they are not merged), then you can simple utilize Qwickly Attendance in each course without using Section based attendance.

Scenario 2: Merged, no Parent Course Enrollments

In this scenario, all of the child courses are merged into the parent course, and there are no enrollments in the parent course itself, all students are enrolled in one of the child courses. In this scenario, you will want to be certain to select 'Section' mode when setting up your attendance. In this case, when taking attendance and viewing the Attendance Record, the master course will be available as a selection, but should not show any students when taking attendance or when viewing the record. You will be able to select from the various child courses merged into the parent course, and should see the students enrolled into them accordingly when taking attendance, or viewing the record.

Scenario 3: Merged, Parent Course with Enrollments

This scenario is similar to the previous, in that the child courses are merged into the parent course, and each course represents a section. However, unlike the previous scenario, the parent course itself is treated as one of the available sections and has its own enrollments. In this scenario, you will again want to choose 'Section' mode when setting up your Attendance for the course. In this scenario, you will see the parent course and all merged child courses, each with their own enrollments when viewing the attendance screen, or the record screen.

Switching Between Scenarios:

Due to the complicated nature of merged courses in Learn, switching between the above scenarios is not supported.

If you have not selected the correct method of attendance for your use case from the beginning, you may need to manually move records from one section to another. This can be accomplished by doing the following:

1. Switch to Full List mode.

2. Download the export while in full list mode.

3. Delete the sessions that are currently attached to the wrong section.

4. Manually re-create the sessions in the correct section from the file you exported earlier.


If your scenario does not fit any of the above described, or you are unsure how to set up your course, please feel free to put in a support ticket, or contact your system administrator.


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