Accessing your older Blackboard Building Block Attendance Data when using Qwickly Attendance LTI

Generally, the most important reason for which clients may want to bring their older Building Block (B2) data into the newer Attendance LTI system is if they want to use our reporting product Attendance Pro to run reports on their older semester data.

However, most clients only need to access their older data very sparingly, in certain cases where students might raise questions about their Attendance in an older course. In this scenario, we advise that it is best to leave your data in the older B2 Attendance system. You will continue to have your B2 data unless you uninstall the Building Block, thus you can access your older data at any time.

If Attendance LTI has been set up in your system, then it's likely that you've also turned off the B2 Attendance from the system admin tools list. If the Building Block Attendance has been turned off but your instructors need to access their B2 data in an older semester, there are a couple of ways possible to access that data:

1. Firstly, a system admin can still access all of the Building Block Attendance data by going to System Admin > Qwickly Settings > Attendance > Full Export. This full export will provide you a .csv file containing all of the Attendance data from your Building Block. Note that this full export can be filtered in case you need to filter the data to a specific course or semester.

2. If the instructor needs to look at the data through the older B2 Attendance tool, you can momentarily turn back on the B2 Attendance tool from the system admin panel. (This will not affect the LTI tool as Qwickly Attendance B2 and Qwickly Attendance LTI can be used at the same time. The main reason we ask our users to turn off the B2 Attendance when ready to use LTI is to avoid confusing your users on which tool to use. Thus, if one instructor needs to access the tool, it can be momentarily turned back on for them, and then turned back off once the work has been done)


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