Do I need to transfer my Qwickly Attendance Blackboard Building Block data to the Qwickly Attendance LTI platform?

The most useful situation for a data transfer is when our clients may want to use our reporting platform Qwickly Attendance Pro to report on their older data. Attendance Pro only works with data that is in the Attendance LTI platform, and so clients who want to be able to run certain reports on older data can look into doing a data transfer and bringing their B2 data over to the newer system.


However, for most clients, we've found that the older B2 Attendance data only needs to be accessed sparingly. Generally, the older data is only accessed when students might challenge a grade they received in a previous semester. In this case, it's best to leave the data in the B2 system. Clients have been concerned that once they move to Attendance LTI and turn off Attendance B2 from the System Admin panel that they lose their B2 Attendance data. This is not the case. As long as you don't uninstall the Qwickly Building Block, you will have all of your B2 Attendance data. If any of the older course data needs to be accessed, it can be done in two ways:


- You can access the B2 settings through System Admin>Qwickly Settings, go to the Attendance tab, and run a full export. You can either filter by a courseid to get specific courses' data, or just get all of your data by performing a full export.

- Secondly, if the records need to be accessed through the B2 Attendance tool, then you can momentarily turn on the B2 Attendance tool back in the system admin panel to access your data. You can certainly have both B2 Attendance and LTI Attendance active at the same time, however we recommend the B2 Attendance tool to be turned off just to make sure your users don't get confused and accidentally start using the wrong version of the tool.

- Furthermore, if the B2 is going to stop being used, then the full export files can be download before turning the B2 off and then archived. This would be a better way to save the B2 data longer term rather than migrating the files onto the LTI platform (which can sometimes not carry some data forward correctly, especially if there are file formatting issues)


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