Qwickly LTI: Allowing Third Party Cookies In Different Devices


  • Desktop
    • Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Cookies and Site Data
    • Make sure cookies are enabled and “Block Third Party Cookies” is turned off
  • Mobile app
    • Go to Settings > Site Settings > “Cookies”
    • Make sure Cookies are enabled and Block third-party cookies is off



  • Desktop
    • Go to Options > Privacy and Security
    • Make sure Cookies and Site Data is enabled and “Third Party Cookies” are not disabled.
  • Mobile app
    • Go to Settings > Privacy > Cookies
    • Set to “Enabled”


Microsoft Edge

  • Desktop
    • Go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Cookies
    • Set to “Don’t Block Cookies”



  • Desktop
    • Go to Safari’s Preferences > Privacy > Block Cookies
    • Set to “Never”
    • If “Prevent cross-site tracking” is enabled, please disable
  • Mobile
    • Go to Settings > Safari 
    • Set “Block All Cookies” to be disabled and “Prevent Cross-site Tracking to be disabled as well.


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