Qwickly Attendance LTI: Updating an out-of-date Class Roster

Qwickly Attendance LTI loads users of a course and stores them in a session cookie in the browser for use throughout the tool. Instructors using Qwickly Attendance may find that at times, the course roster in the tool shows students who may have been removed from the course or set to be made "unavailable". This is because Qwickly hasn't loaded the latest roster information and would still be using the cached roster from the session cookie.

Qwickly has provided a very easy mechanism to wipe away and update the cached roster. The instructor simply needs to navigate to the course settings page by clicking on "Settings" in the top left corner of the tool. Once here, the system automatically attempts to pull the latest enrollment info from the LMS. The instructor can navigate back to the "take Attendance" page without modifying any settings. At this point, the instructor should see the latest roster in the tool.


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