Qwickly Attendance for D2L: Attendance Tool is unable to load certain User fields

Users of Qwickly Attendance LTI may sometimes notice that Qwickly Attendance is unable to load certain user data fields such as their email, username, student id, etc. A username field will be displayed under student's names in Attendance. Emails would be used to send absence emails if enabled. Student ID (OrgDefinedID) is needed to display in data downloads and reports.

Qwickly Attendance uses REST APIs to request data on users from your D2L Brightspace environment. In particular, Attendance uses the Classlist API (https://docs.valence.desire2learn.com/res/enroll.html#get--d2l-api-le-(version)-(orgUnitId)-classlist-) to request enrollments from a course and receives the user information from this request. 

The data returned from this API respects the org unit’s privacy settings with respect to the UserName, OrgDefinedId, Email, FirstName, LastName and the contents of the DisplayName properties. In other words, Qwickly is only able to view the same information that is displayed in the Classlist user interface in the D2L Course (example screenshot below).





In order to allow Qwickly access into all of the data fields, the system administrator will need to enable the required fields and set them to be visible in the Classlist UI so that Qwickly is able to gain access to these data fields.

The Administrator can follow these steps to enable these data fields:

  1.  Click on the Admin options (top right Gear icon on the page)
  2.  Click on Organization Related > "Config Variable Browser"
  3.  In the search bar, enter the value "d2l.tools.Classlist" to look up all Classlist variable options.
  4.  Enable the following values in all of the courses where you would be using Qwickly Attendance
    1. d2l.Tools.Classlist.DisplayEmail
    2. d2l.Tools.Classlist.DisplayUsername
    3. d2l.Tools.Classlist.DisplayLastAccessed
    4. d2l.Tools.Classlist.DisplayOrgId


Further Information found on "Config Variable Browser" from the Brightspace documentation: https://documentation.brightspace.com/EN/le/config_variable_browser/admin/about.htm?tocpath=Administrators%7CBrightspace%20Learning%20Environment%7CConfiguration%20Variables%20and%20Permissions%7CAbout%20the%20Config%20Variable%20Browser%7C_____0


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