Qwickly Attendance LTI: Taking Attendance by Groups or Sections

Qwickly Attendance LTI allows instructors to take attendance for select groups or sections of students in a course if it has been set up in such a way. 

This can be enabled by navigating to www.qwickly.tools > Manage Instances > Your Instance's Attendance settings. Here, the setting labeled "Allow Group and Section Integration" can be enabled. Once done, the settings need to be saved.


Once this has been done, the Attendance tool will allow an instructor to change their attendance taking mode in a course if groups or sections are detected. In the course's settings, there will be a new setting labeled "Student Grouping" which can allow you to take Attendance by groups or sections.



Once the desired Student grouping option is selected, the settings need to be saved.

Back in the "Take Attendance" screen, there will be a new drop-down for groups or sections. The desired group/section for which Attendance needs to be taken can be selected. This will change the roster and only show users who are part of the selected grouping and take Attendance just for them.

NOTE: If taking Attendance by Check-In mode or Card Reader mode, only one group/section can run at a time!





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