Qwickly LTI: Logging Messages for Instances

Qwickly's LTI tools do certain tasks asynchronously, and as such may not be able to display any status messages to users if an error occurs in the midst of an asynchronous task. In order to make sure these errors get logged and are able to be viewed by System Administrators, the Qwickly Dashboard includes a page to view Instance logs. This will allow system administrators to view any status messages logged for their system by Qwickly.

Instance Logs can be viewed by going to www.qwickly.tools > Manage Instances > Viewing your Instance Panel. If there are any logged messages, there will be a new button for viewing Logs which will tell you how many messages are pending.



Clicking on the "View Log" button will bring up the Instance Logs page. Here you can view the message and time when it was logged. You can clear the messages individually or all at once.



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