Qwickly Attendance Pro: Pre-creating courses by importing them from your LMS

NOTE: This feature is currently only available for clients using Blackboard Learn or Canvas

NOTE FOR CANVAS ADMINS: To use this feature, please add the following value to Qwickly's Developer Key Redirect URIs: https://www.qwickly.tools/redirect/

Qwickly Attendance Pro allows administrators to pre-create courses each semester by importing them from the LMS. Qwickly imports the courses from the LMS using REST APIs to get all courses which are available and have a specified value in the Course ID/Course code.

To access this, admins can go to their instance's Qwickly Attendance Pro page and navigate to "More Options". Here, they can click on the "Pre-create Courses" Panel.


This will take the users to the course pre-creation form. All new courses will be assigned the semester which has been selected as the "Current Semester" in their instance's Attendance settings (schools which have not previously selected a current semester value will be prompted to do so. Here is more information on how to set up semesters).

The user will then be prompted for a course ID filter to load a specific set of courses. (The provided screenshot uses an example of "2020")


Once submitted, the page will display courses imported from the LMS which are available, have the selected filter value in their course ID/course code and have not configured Attendance. 

Courses can be individually unselected before pressing "Submit" to create the courses.


Once submitted, the final message appears. A large number of courses may take some time to finish creating so the admin can check back to Attendance Pro later to view all courses that have been created.


How to know that the courses have been successfully Imported

- By going to Course Reporting > All Courses > Session Information report. This displays all of the courses for the selected semester

- You can also view all of your courses by going to Setup > Manage Course Semesters. This displays all of your courses which have opened or been loaded into Attendance.



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