Qwickly OAuth 2.0 scope for Desire2Learn Brightspace

Qwickly needs the following scopes enabled for the Developer OAuth 2.0 scope in Desire2Learn Brightspace:

content:*:* core:*:* discussions:*:* enrollment:*:* grades:*:* role:*:* users:*:* quizzing:*:*

Content: Allows tool access into reading course content course content

Discussions: Allows tool access into read permissions on discussion forums, posts and topics.

Enrollment: Allows tool access into loading a course's enrollments

Grades: Allows tool access into publishing Attendance grades back into the LMS

Role: Allows tool to view the various user roles in the LMS

Users: Allows the tool to request user information

Quizzing: Allows the tool access into course quizzes and submissions.

More information on Authentication scopes from Desire2Learn Brightspace: https://docs.valence.desire2learn.com/http-scopestable.html#


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