Qwickly Attendance for Blackboard Learn: Add Attendance System Settings LTI Link inside Blackboard's System Admin Page

The default way to access Qwickly Attendance LTI's system settings is through www.qwickly.tools > Manage Instances > You Instance's Attendance Settings.

There is now an alternative method for Blackboard system administrators to reach this page directly from the Blackboard System Admin page. A new LTI placement can be created which will open the system settings. 

To configure this, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Go to your Blackboard System Admin Page > LTI Tool Providers
  2. Go to www.qwickly.tools, click on the arrow that appears and then press "Manage Placements"
  3. Click on "Create Placement" and enter the following values
    1. Label: Qwickly Attendance (LTI) System Settings
    2. Handle: Qwickly Attendance (LTI) System Settings
    3. Availability: Yes
    4. Type: Administrator Tool
    5. Launch in a new Window: True
    6. Tool Provider URL: https://www.qwickly.tools/attendance/ltisettings/
    7. Press submit

Once this placement has been created, this link should appear with the given label under the "Tools and Utilities" Panel in the Blackboard System Settings page.


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