Qwickly Attendance Pro: Data Feeds

The Institutions that use Qwickly Attendance Pro may also want to use the Attendance data in other systems or displayed in different data formats. For such scenarios, Qwickly Attendance Pro now allows users to create their own custom data feeds. 

What are Data Feeds?

Users can build a report from scratch by selecting from a list of Attendance related fields. Once this data feed has been created, the user will be able to generate a Download URL by clicking on the "Copy Download Link" button. This URL can be visited manually or run programmatically which will produce a csv file with the selected data points.


What kinds of data points are available for Data Feeds?

Users can pick from the following data points: Course LMS ID, Course Code, Course Name, Student LMS ID, Student First Name, Student Last Name, Student Username, Student SIS ID, Student email, Student Section, Student IP Address (for Check-Ins), Session PK ID, Session Title, Session Start Time, Session Group/Section, Record PK ID, Record Status, Record Comment, Record Creation Time, Record Last Edited Time.

How is a Data Feed created?

  1. From the Attendance Pro Index, click on "More Options"
  2. Click on "Data Feed". The Data Feeds page will list all data feeds you've created
  3. Click on "Create a Data Feed".
  4. Give your Feed a name
  5. Select a custom Datetime Format from the provided list. If you need to use another datetime format, please reach out to Qwickly Support
  6. Select the Fields you want to add to the feed (Custom labels can be provided to each field)
  7. Next, you can rearrange the fields to the correct order you want in the data feed file
  8. The confirmation screen will show an example of the created data feed, once ready press "Create"
  9. Back in the Data Feed index, the newly created Data Feed will be listed.
  10. Copy the download link of your data feed (if a time filter value has been selected, please copy the download link again for the time filter to be applied to it)


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