Qwickly Attendance Classic: Server Response Error


Qwickly Attendance LTI can sometimes produce a "Server Response Error". This error signifies that Qwickly Attendance received an unexpected response from your LMS when requesting course or user data. 

Why is this error caused?

There may be a few different reasons this error is observed.

  • The LMS's REST API service is down or cannot be accessed by our application
  • The user's account is unable to perform REST API requests
  • The session cookie somehow got corrupted/overwritten
  • Users who are using the same browser but switching user accounts
  • (In Canvas) Users who are using Canvas' "Act as User" service to view the tool as other users

How can I resolve this issue?

  • First, try re-launching the tool. This generally resolves the issue
  • Try clearing your browser's cookies (or at least clear the cookie for www.qwickly.tools)
  • Try opening the tool in a different browser
  • If all of these options fail, please reach out to Qwickly Support for further troubleshooting


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