Qwickly Attendance Classic: Student View

The Student View will display 

  • The name of the course in the top right of the screen
  • The name of the student in the center (along with a photo if Photostore Integration has been enabled)
  • The total number of absences calculated for the user in the course so far
  • A list of the Attendance dates taken in the course, along with the status received by the user for each of the sessions, and any public comments.


Student Check In

If check in mode is running, a "Check In" button will appear for the user.mceclip1.png

The check in session may have a PIN or a timer associated with it

  • If a PIN has been enabled, there will be an input field
  • If a timer has been enabled, there will be a countdown timermceclip3.png

Successful Check-In 

If check in is successful, there will be a success message and the users will be able to see their latest record in the listmceclip5.png


Unsuccessful Check In

  • If an incorrect PIN is used, an error message is providedmceclip4.png
  • If check in attempted after the timer has already expired, an error message is displayedmceclip6.png


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