Qwickly Attendance Pro: Contact Tracing Report

The Contact Tracing Report is designed to look up student(s) from a specified date range, which produces a report that consists of records for the dates where the student received a non-Absent status. Along with the student who has been found, the report will display other users who had also received a non-Absent status in those classes for those dates. This allows administrators to find who were in contact with specific users in specific dates.


Example use case

We want to find which users were in contact with a student, Anthony Stark, between September the 21st and September the 30th. The Contact Tracing report lookup would be as follows:



In this case, the report returns the following data:


The report highlights the user who matched the lookup parameters in bold. In this case, Anthony Stark is found to have been present twice in the specified date range.

For the two dates that Anthony was present, the report is showing users who were marked non-Absent in the specific courses.

Thus, this report lets us know that between September 21st to September 30th, Anthony Stark possibly came in contact with the users that are displayed on this report.


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