Announcements Posted using Qwickly Course Tools in Blackboard Ultra Lose Formatting and Paragraph breaks

Description: Announcements posted using Qwickly Course Tools LTI  will be stripped of any formatting - paragraph breaks, bold, italicizing, etc. 

Cause: Blackboard's REST APIs for handing announcement posting are broken. Blackboard is aware of the issues, however, will not be fixing this issue. Per communication received on 10/7/2020

"This notification is in reference to case number 04618832. Our Support, Product Development, and Product Management teams have reviewed this issue and concluded that case 04618832 will be updated to Closed status as this will not be fixed in any upcoming releases. This decision was made based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • The software defect has remained very low in impact across the install base of clients, or
  • The software defect has been reported against features that have been discontinued or that have been rewritten in a more current release, or
  • The software defect would require an unreasonable amount of development time and resources for a very marginal gain.

Blackboard is committed to continued quality and maintenance on SaaS and all Supported 9.1 releases per the Support Services Guide. Please stay tuned to Behind the Blackboard for Support Bulletins, Product Updates, and Announcements on future Maintenance Releases for your institution’s deployment/version of Learn."


Issue Reported: 8/24/2020

Issue Confirmed: 8/24/2020

Qwickly Version: Qwickly Course Tools LTI

Fix Schedule: Blackboard has stated the API which is broken and causing this issue will not be fixed. Until this changes, this will continue to be broken for Qwickly Course Tools LTI clients.


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