Qwickly Attendance Pro: Scheduling sessions by file upload

Qwickly Attendance Pro allows administrators to schedule sessions for each course through a file upload. 

To access this, admins can go to their instance's Qwickly Attendance Pro page and navigate to "Schedule Sessions"


This will take the users to a schedule session form. The user is prompted to select the format of the course information:

  • Course LMS ID 
    • Example values:
      • Blackboard Learn: _15000_1 (string value)
      • Canvas: 10001 (numeric value)
      • Desire2Learn: 10001 (numeric value)
  • Course Code
    • Example value: FA2020-CSC201-S01 (string value)

CSV File Format

The upload file needs to be in a CSV format and can be either a .txt or .csv extension. The upload file should always be formatted the following way:


Course LMS ID/Course Code, Start Date, End Date, Pattern


The Start Date and End Date need to be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD (Example value: 2020-12-25)

The Pattern refers to the days in the week where the class meets. The possible day values are U (Sunday), M (Monday), T (Tuesday), W (Wednesday), R (Thursday), F (Friday) and S (Saturday). As an example, a class which meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays would have the pattern MWF.

NOTE: The file does not accept duplicate rows for courses. You will need to have one entry per course.


Example File Screenshots

The following screenshot shows a sample of the upload file using a Course's LMS ID. In this example, we are using Blackboard Learn Courses. The file contains the dates and schedules of 3 courses.


Once the file has been successfully upload, the following message should appear on the screen:

Your file is being processed! The system will start scheduling sessions for your courses soon. Check your Instance Logs in a while to check on the status of this request.

The Instance Logs can be checked after some time which should show messages about the status of the session scheduling. The logs will include a message of when the file upload was started and when the session creation process finished, along with any further error logs.


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