Qwickly Tools for Blackboard: "Oops An Error Occurred, This exception has been logged" Errors

Users of Qwickly's LTI tools (Attendance, Course Tools) in Blackboard may come across the following error screen:



What causes this issue

When you open a Qwickly LTI tool, our application redirects to Blackboard in order to authenticate the logged in Blackboard user via REST APIs. This error message being produced means that our requests to the Blackboard REST API service is somehow being blocked. This error is raised by Blackboard (developer.blackboard.com).


How to fix this issue

  • The first thing to check would be whether Qwickly's REST API integration is working on your system. You can go to the System Admin page > Rest API Integrations > check to see if "Qwickly Tools" is in the list. If it is in the list, please make sure that the Availability is set to yes.
  • If this appears to be fine, the next thing you would want to check is System Admin > Cloud Management Console and whether it appears to be enabled or disabled.

What if both of these appear to be configured correctly

You can go to Blackboard's System Admin Page > Cloud Management > Cloud Connector. Here, you should see a "Site ID" and a "Display Name".

- If the Display Name is listed as "local" or anything vague, please note that Qwickly may have disabled your instance. Please make sure the display name here is something that identifies your Institution to Qwickly.

- You can report this Site ID and the Display Name to Qwickly through a support ticket and describe the issue you are facing. The Site ID and Display Name will allow us to see if there are any issues with the registration on our end.



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