Qwickly Attendance for Desire2Learn Brightspace: "Consent can not be given on behalf of another user" error

System Administrators may come across the following error message in Desire2Learn when they are attempting to open Qwickly Attendance when impersonating another user:


Why does this message appear?

Qwickly Attendance uses REST APIs to get it's data. When a user opens Qwickly Attendance in D2L for the first time, they will be prompted by D2L to allow Qwickly to run REST APIs on their behalf.

When a system administrator impersonates a user who hasn't completed this step yet, D2L notices this and blocks any further actions for this user. The error message is trying to say that this user cannot be impersonated to use Qwickly Attendance until they have actually logged into D2L themselves, opened Qwickly Attendance and given consent to Qwickly running API requests on their behalf.


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