Update Google Drive Settings To Allow Link to Cloud and Embed

Note:  Building Block End of Life (EOL) effective September 1, 2022.

In the Building Block, some organizations are reporting that the Google Drive integration for linking, embedding or uploading is either returning no-action or a 403 error when attempting to open the Google Drive picker from the B2.

Background:  Google is constantly updating its security protocols and when third-party applications use their apis in other domains other than domains that are explicitly owned by third-party, permissions may be reset or blocked.

Behavior: Users navigate to the building block (e.g. Create Content) and select a course, and then want to embed a Google doc.  The user selects Google Drive (if other options exist) then the option to embed, and finally clicking to open the Google Drive picker.  No picker opens or a picker opens with a 403 error. 

Why must I do this?  Often, organizations change settings that impact the OAuth consent screen after your app has been approved. That will trigger the app console to shut-down the application and you will see the above errors.

Solution:  Organizations must review their settings, client ID, and key within their OWN cloud connected console for Google.  Organizations must navigate to https://console.cloud.google.com/ and add their javascript origin URI domain.  Each domain must have it's own scope and permissions and must be verified again. 

1. Log into https://console.cloud.google.com/

2. Navigate to APIs & Services > Credentials

3. Select your project for Qwickly integration (example below)


4. Edit OAuth 2.0 Client IDs 

5. Under Authorized Javascript Origins, add a URI and use the URI of the Blackboard subdomain (e.g. https://bd-partner-a-original.blackboard.com)

6. Save the settings.


Check the functionality of the picker after 3-5 minutes.




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