Qwickly Attendance: Turn on Student Data Caching

System Administrators managing Qwickly Attendance for their instance have the ability to turn on Student Data Caching by following these steps: 

  • Log into the Qwickly Dashboard
  • Navigate to "Manage Instances" and then click on the desired Instance's "Attendance Setting"
  • In the Attendance Settings page, click on the "Preferences" tab


  • Check the box for "Cache Student Data with Qwickly". When the box is checked, this should produce student data options which can be selected based on the institutional requirements
    • If "Cache Student Data with Qwickly" is checked but the student data options are not showing up, try unchecking and re-checking "Cache Student Data with Qwickly". If the options are still not produced, please submit a support ticket
  • Once the required options are selected, click on "Save Settings"


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