Qwickly Tools: Qwickly received notification of emails bouncing from a client's domain

Overview:  In cases that exceed our bounce threshold, we receive a notification that number of emails may have bounced from a client's domain.  


What causes this:  In some cases, large courses (for example, 200+ users) can cause this issue as the client's email provider (Office 365, Gmail, locally hosted) perceives the amount of emails in a given time, with the same subject or message, as spam.  Other cases involve system settings at the email provider or having our qwickly.tools domain labeled as a spam.


Resolution: Please notify your email network services at your institution to whitelist the domain of mail.qwickly.tools & qwickly.tools and the emails from  do-not-reply@mail.qwickly.tools and noreply@mail.qwickly.tools


What are we doing to help this issue:  Qwickly is actively exploring options to have emails sent from the faculty, instructor, or TA sending the emails as an email alias.  This may solve some of the issues, but not all.  We will notify our clients when that development is complete and also note it here.

If you need additional information, please submit a support ticket here:  www.goqwickly.com/support 


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