Qwickly Attendance for Blackboard: "Other Name" field in Cache Student Data causing large loading times

Users of Qwickly Attendance LTI for Blackboard can choose to cache their student data with Qwickly to help load large enrollments faster.

In the system-level Attendance settings under the "Preferences" tab, users should see the option to "Cache Student Data with Qwickly" with a list of selectable fields underneath (example screenshot below):


When "Other Name" field is marked, the application will attempt to make an API request back to the user's Blackboard server to get this data field.

However, this data field is not used by a majority of users. Thus marking this data field causes the application to keep making requests to get a data field that has no values. Subsequently, the enrollments take time to load each time since the application would attempt to retrieve the "Other Name" field for users each time even if this data may not exist.

In order to fix this issue, please take the following steps:



- Uncheck the "Other Name" field (you may also want to uncheck any fields for which no data exists in Blackboard)

- Click on "Save Settings" at the bottom of the page



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