Qwickly Attendance: Photostore Integration

Qwickly supports accessing photos that you are already hosting via a web service or statically. The Photostore settings can be found by going to www.qwickly.tools > Manage Instances > Your Instance's Attendance Settings > Photos


Photostore URL:

  • This is the URL from which photos will be accessed.
  • The URL should be written exactly as it would be if accessing the photos from an outside source, including any necessary API key.
  • The student identifier [discussed below] will be replace the text string [identifier] in the URL, [identifier should be placed literally in the URL where you would like the student identifier to appear.
  • For example: https://studentphotostore.com/photos/?key=1234567&studentId=[identifier]
  • You may be hosting the images statically, in which case the URL may look more like this: https://studentphotostore.com/photos/[identifier]photo.jpg.

Student Identifier:

  • This is the field in the user data that is used in place of [identifier] in the Photostore URL.
  • There are various possible fields that can be used as an identifier. If you need to use a custom identifier, please contact Qwickly Support.

Optional Encryption:

  • You may elect if necessary to encrypt the identifier passed in the URL.
  • Currently, you may select from no encryption or AES encryption (If encryption is preferred, contact Qwickly Support to get it set up)
  • If you would like to use a different kind of encryption for you identifier, please contact Qwickly support.

Test Image:

  • This is where you can test to see if the integration is working correctly.
  • In the provided field, type a student identifier of the correct type into the text field and then save the settings.
  • An image next to this field will use the previous settings and attempt to display from the photostore, including any encryption set.
  • If you see the correct image for the provided identifier here, then you have successfully set up the integration!

Turn on the integration:

  • Now that everything is set up correctly, click the on/off switch next to the heading and set it to 'on' and photos should start appearing next to student's names in Qwickly Attendance immediately!




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