Qwickly Attendance Classic: Running a Check-In/Card Reader Session using multiple devices

Qwickly Attendance LTI allows for a large course to take Check-In/Card Reader sessions by utilizing multiple devices in their meeting location.

  1. One device should first open the course through the LMS, navigate to Qwickly Attendance and open a check in session/card reader session
  2. Any subsequent devices that open the Attendance tool through the course should see that there is an active session running
  3. The screen many display a pin and timer (if it is a check-in session that has been configured as such) or it may display a card swipe input (if it is a card reader)
  4. Once Attendance has been taken for this session and it is ready to close, one device should click on the end session button, at which point the session should be closed across all devices
  5. The other devices can also click close session, or they can simply close out the Attendance window


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