Instructor Guide: Getting Started with Qwickly Attendance

Getting Started with Qwickly Attendance

Welcome to Qwickly Attendance! This brief setup guide will help you get started with the
basics of Qwickly Attendance.

  1. Log into your LMS and select the course you’d like to set up Qwickly Attendance.
  2. Find “Qwickly Attendance” in the side menu and click on it to launch Qwickly
  3. The first time you launch Qwickly Attendance, you’ll see a screen prompting you to
    begin setup. The setup consists of confirming your attendance settings.
  4. Keep in mind, the settings you see for your course are determined by your system
    administrator, so they may not match the settings in this overview exactly.  See these areas for more specific information:  Settings Overview (Classic), and Settings Overview (Plus).  Read more about Custom Statuses.


Taking Attendance

Once you’ve saved your settings, click “Take Attendance” in the top menu to
launch your course enrollments. On this page, you’ll see all your students and the
various modes you can use to take attendance.


Attendance Record

Also in the top menu, you’ll see an item called “Attendance Record.” This
page gives you a detailed overview of all your course attendance records. You can
look up a specific student, view/edit specific session details, edit a student’s status,
leave them a comment, and more. You can also export the data in a custom report.




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